Take Good Care of Her/I've Got A Thing About You Baby

Factory Sample/Demo/Promo

Orange Label RCA Victor Logo: Solid Centre

Orange Label RCA Victor Logo: Spider Centre


Track Listing:

Side 1:
1. Take Good Care Of Her

Side 2:
1. I've Got A Thing About You Baby

Released: March 1974:

stereo (89)

Songs taken from the album:

'Good Times' (APL1 0475)

This single entered the UK charts on March 16, 1974, peaking at no. 33.

Chart Run: (5 Weeks)

16/03/1974 - 40

23/03/1974 - 34

30/03/1974 - 35

06/04/1974 - 33

13/04/1974 - 46

Information: www.officialcharts.com

The UK pressing of this single is quite rare due to supposed production problems at RCA's plant in Washington, Tyne & Wear. U.S. copies were imported instead. These came in a picture sleeve.

Recording Information:

Take Good Care of Her

(July 21/22, 1973: Stax Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

I've Got a Thing About You Baby

(July 22/23, 1973: Stax Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

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