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Track Listing:

Side 1:
  1. First Interview: (Bob Neal)

     Texarkana, Arkansas (6/5/55) (incorrect)

  2. Second Interview: (Charlie Walker)

      San Antonio, Texas (19/9/56) (incorrect)

Side 2:
  1. Third Interview: (Robert Carlton Brown)

      Warwick Hotel, New York City (24/3/56)

Side 3:
  1. Continuation Of Third Interview:

Side 4:
  1. Fourth
 Interview: (Al Hickock)

      San Antonio, Texas (20/11/56) (incorrect)

  2. Honolulu, Hawaii (20/3/65) (incorrect)


AFESD 1032

Released: March 1982:

mono (186)

This double album was released under the same title in the U.S. by Silhouette Records.

Some of the interviews are incorrectly dated on this album.

Recording Information:

Interview With Bob Neal

(August 31, 1955: WMPS Radio, Memphis, Tennessee)

Interview With Charlie Walker

(April 15, 1956: Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas)

Interview With Robert Carlton Brown

(March 24, 1956: Warwick Hotel, New York)

Interview With Al Hickock

(October 14, 1956: Bexar County Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas)

Interview With Tom Moffett and Peter Noone

(August 18, 1965: Honolulu, Hawaii) (set of Paradise, Hawaiian Style)