I have been an Elvis fan since 1974 (aged 9).


After he died in 1977, I began collecting everything I could afford to get my hands on.

My main interest has always been his recorded work, especially on vinyl. At the time it was too difficult to collect the american catalogue so I made a conscious decision to try and maybe someday complete the UK collection.

My main source of reference has been 'Elvis UK' a fantastic book by John Townson, Gordon Minto and George Richardson plus it's equally splendid sequel: 'Elvis UK2' also by John TownsonGordon Minto.

So fast forward nearly 40 years later, and I still haven't managed to complete my collection but I'm not too far away.

This website leans heavily on the guidelines set out by 'Elvis UK/2'. (I hope the authors don't mind). It mostly contains scans from my own collection and from the internet where possible.


Elvis Presley UK Vinyl

The Elvis Presley UK Vinyl Database