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Track Listing:

Side 1:

1. Interview With Elvis Presley, Tom       Moffett &   Peter Noone

2. Interview With Elvis Presley & Al Hickock

3. Interview With Elvis Presley & Bob Neal

4. Interview With Elvis Presley & Charlie     Walker

Side 2:

1. Interview With Elvis Presley & Robert Carlton Brown

Released: February 1981:

mono (145)

This album contained the talking voice of Elvis Presley. Buttons Records previously released Elvis interviews using their 'flexi-disc' format.

Black Label - Stamped Buttons Records Logo

Recording Information:

Interview With Tom Moffett and Peter Noone

(August 18, 1965: Honolulu, Hawaii) (set of Paradise, Hawaiian Style)

Interview With Al Hickock

(October 14, 1956: Bexar County Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas)

Interview With Bob Neal

(August 31, 1955: WMPS Radio, Memphis, Tennessee)

Interview With Charlie Walker

(April 15, 1956: Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas)

Interview With Robert Carlton Brown

(March 24, 1956: Warwick Hotel, New York)

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