Easy Come, Easy Go

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Track Listing:

Side 1:
1. C'mon Everybody
2. A Whistling Tune
3. I'll Be There (if ever you want me)
4. I Love Only One Girl
5. Easy Come, Easy Go
6. Santa Lucia

Side 2:
1. Tonight Is So Right For Love
2. Guadalajara
3. Angel
4. A Little Less Conversation
5. Follow That Dream
6. Long Legged Girl (with the short dress on)


CDS 1146

Released: February 1975:

stereo/electronic stereo (76)

Recording Information:

C'mon Everybody

(July 9/10, 1963: RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee)

A Whistling Tune

(October 26/27, 1961: Radio Recorders, Studio B, Hollywood, California)

I'll Be There

(January 23, 1969: American Sound Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

Easy Come, Easy Go

(September 28, 1966: Paramount Recording Stage, Hollywood, California)


Santa Lucia

(July 11, 1963: RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee)

Tonight is So Right for Love

(April 27, 1960: RCA Studios, Hollywood, California)


(February 27, 1963: Radio Recorders, Studio B, Hollywood, California)


(June 25/26, 1961: RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee)

A Little Less Conversation

(March 7, 1968: Western Recorders, Studio 1, Hollywood, California)

Follow That Dream

(June 25/26, 1961: RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee)

Long Legged Girl

(June 29, 1966: MGM Sound Stage, Hollywood, California)

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