VOL. 2

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Track Listing:

Side 1:
  1. Rubberneckin'

  2. U.S. Male

  3. Frankie And Johnny

  4. If You Think I Don't Need You

  5. Easy Come, Easy Go

Side 2:
  1. Separate Ways

  2. (There'll be) Peace In The Valley (for me)

  3. Big Boss Man

  4. It's A Matter Of Time

  5. Charro!


CDS 1188

Released: January 1980:

stereo/electronic stereo (121)

Recording Information:


(January 20/21, 1969: American Sound Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

U.S. Male

(January 17/18, 1968: RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee)

Frankie and Johnny

(May 14/15, 1965: Radio Recorders, Studio B,  Hollywood, California)

If You Think I Don't Need You

(July 9/10, 1963: Radio Recorders, Studio B, Hollywood, California)

Easy Come, Easy Go

(September 28, 1966: Paramount Recording Stage, Hollywood, California)

Separate Ways

(March 27/28, 1972: RCA Studio C, Hollywood, California)

Peace in the Valley

(January 13, 1957: Radio Recorders, Studio 1, Hollywood, California)

Big Boss Man

(September 10/11, 1967: RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee)

It's A Matter of Time

(March 29/30, 1972: RCA Studio C, Hollywood, California)


(November 25, 1968: Goldwyn Studios, Hollywood, California)

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