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LP Label  Detail Change!

RCA changed label colour from black to small orange/red

​​'Speedway' was the last album to be pressed by Decca and issued by RCA on their black label. In 1969 they changed the label colour to orange and reduced the size from 10cm to 9cm.

The soundtrack to Elvis' NBC TV Special was the first and only new album to be released using the new label. The stereo version of "Blue Hawaii" was given a new catalogue number (SF 8145) and released on the small orange label and less than a year later re-pressed on the large orange label in mass quantities. "Flaming Star and Summer Kisses" on this label is one of the most sought after Elvis albums in the entire UK collection.

Christmas Album.png
A Date With Elvis.png
King Creole.png
Golden Records Vol. 2.png
Golden Records.png
Elvis Is Back (M).png
Elvis Is Back (S).png
G.I. Blues (M).png
G.I. Blues (S).png
His Hand In Mine (M).png
Something For Everybody (M).png
Something For Everybody (S).png
Rock N Roll No. 2 (S).png
Blue Hawaii (M).png
Golden Records Vol. 3 (M).png
Blue Hawaii (S).png
Golden Records Vol. 3 (S).png
Rock N Roll No.2 (M).png
Flaming Star and Summer Kisses.png
Paradise, Hawaiian Style (M).png
How Great Thou Art (M).png
Double Trouble (S).png
Gold Records Vol. 4 (M).png
Gold Records Vol. 4 (S).png
Speedway (M).png
Speedway (S).png

The 'small orange' label was mostly used on 1969 re-pressings of older albums. Elvis' Golden Records was once again the exception as it was re-pressed on the 1969 smaller Red Seal label. These can easily be indentified by the MANUFACTURED BY RCA LTD at the bottom of the label.

Above is all of the Elvis re-pressings on the small orange/red label. Please note: Blue Hawaii is not a re-pressing of the earlier stereo release. The list is displayed as the albums were originally released and does not represent the 1969 order of release (April to August 1969)

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