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RCA continues the  International catalogue

                             Original 'International Camden' label                              New eighties version

The INTERNATIONAL CATALOGUE: RCA decided to look at upgrading their price codes across their whole UK catalogue. It meant they could change the prices of various records and offer a better choice for buyers. This would include artists like David Bowie, Jim Reeves, Perry Como, Neil Sedaka and Glenn Miller among others.

With this release, they re-introduced their budget International label but unlike it's predecessor had no connection to the Camden budget label. The rear sleeves of the albums had the 'YY' price code printed top right, which meant each LP came at a purchase price of just under £3. This time they used a light green label instead of the original lime green colour.

New albums and previously deleted soundtrack albums were issued using this label. First pressings usually had a £2.99 'great value' sticker applied on the front cover.

This also gave RCA an opportunity to use up old leftover stock of re-pressed albums that were previously released on their orange, new black and 'Elvis' blue labels. In these cases, the record labels were left in their original state, but their sleeves whether originally released as 'SF' or 'PL' had an INTS sticker placed over the old catalogue number to revert them over to the international catalogue. 

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