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'Elvis U.K. Vinyl' is my attempt to collect and identify every image (where possible) in relation to the huge amount of Elvis singles, extended plays and long play albums that were released in the United Kingdom since 1956.

There is a minefield of various record label and sleeve variations  that exist. Demonstration Records, Test Pressings, albums in both mono and stereo formats, and of course.. endless re-issues.

Over the years I have built up an extensive collection but to complete it, is probably impossible. Through many tedious hours of taking photographs  and scanning tons of vinyl labels, I have built up a good spine of images to start with. Over the years I have trawled the internet in order to add new information to my own database just for the fun of it.

I reckon the internet as it stands today  would have been a great resource for the authors of the superb 'Elvis UK' books. It is mainly because of these volumes  (that cover the period from 1956 to 2002) that I have created this website.


They have probably been the best resource  for so many Presley UK vinyl collectors all over the world and it would be nice  to see their efforts updated. Some label  variations  are not  listed in these books,  but have since surfaced.  I will  point these out where  necessary over time. 

This  web site is my first attempt and it may need a overhaul later. It is also incomplete and  may contain errors (broken links) etc.. that I have missed and I would appreciate any corrections that you can offer me.  Some of the images aren't perfect and will hopefully be replaced at a later stage with better quality ones.  There is a mountain of information to be added for each image but I wanted to make it live as early as possible and will keep on updating when  possible.

Please look out for photo that reads; "Waiting for correct image" this is where the site is incomplete.

I would sincerely hope that other like-minded fans might like to offer me their assistance in making this project as complete as possible by sending me their images in their best resolution!


I think a minimum of 1000 pixels per image seems to work best.

I hope you enjoy browsing the many pages that this site has to offer! There are some hidden items that do not appear in the menus...



  Always, Elvis!

 memphis martin

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