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The LP "From Elvis In Memphis" (RD/SF 8029) issued in August 1969 was the last album to bear the "MANUFACTURED BY RCA LTD" copyright notice. The next RCA album "From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis" (SF8080/1) released in February 1970, was the first new release to be issued with the "MANUFACTURED BY RCA LIMITED" copyright notice.

NOTE: The "Don't Cry Daddy"/"Rubberneckin'" single (RCA 1916) that was released on February 20, 1970, bore the "MANUFACTURED BY RCA LTD" copyright notice. The next single; "Kentucky Rain"/"My Little Friend" (RCA 1949) released on May 8, 1970 read; "MANUFACTURED BY RCA LIMITED" so it's possible this change occurred sometime after January 1970.


King Creole (M).png
G.I. Blues (S).png
Elvis (M).png
Something For Everybody (S).png
Golden Records Vol. 2(M).png
Blue Hawaii (M).png
Elvis Is Back (S).png
Pot Luck (M).png
Rock n Roll No. 2 (M).png
Rock n Roll No. 2 (S).png
Girls Girls Girls (M).png
Girls Girls Girls (S).png
Golden Records Vol. 3 (M).png
Elvis For Everyone (M).png
Golden Records Vol. 3 (S).png
Harem Holiday (M).png
Roustabout (M).png
Paradise, Hawaiian Style (M).png
Girl Happy (M).png
How Great Thou Art (M).png
Double Trouble (S).png
Clambake (S).png
Gold Records Vol. 4 (S).png
Speedway (S).png
Elvis (NBC) (M).png
From Elvis In Memphis (M).png
From Elvis In Memphis (S).png

The 'large orange' label was the standard now but also used on re-pressings of older albums. These can easily be indentified by the MANUFACTURED BY RCA LIMITED at the bottom of the label.

Above is all of the Elvis re-pressings on the large orange label. The list is displayed as the albums were originally released and does not represent the order of release.

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