Sleeve Variation 1 - Rear
Sleeve Variation 1 - Rear

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Sleeve Variation 1 - Front
Sleeve Variation 1 - Front

Gloss Sleeve

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Track Listing:

Side 1:
  1. Trouble
  2. Reconsider Baby
  3. A Mess Of Blues
  4. Give Me The Right
  5. Such A Night
  6. When It Rains, It Really Pours

Side 2:
  1. Trying To Get To You
  2. Like A Baby
  3. I Want To Be Free
  4. Mean Woman Blues
  5. Ain't That Loving You Baby
  6. One Night

Side 3:
  1. Little Sister
  2. So Glad You're Mine
  3. Big Boss Man
  4. I Want You With Me
  5. Baby What You Want Me To Do
  6. Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Side 4:
  1. Stuck On You
  2. I Feel So Bad
  3. What'd I Say
  4. Tomorrow Night
  5. It Feels So Right
  6. Merry Christmas Baby

Performance Records

PFP 2000

Released: March 1989:

mono/stereo (300)

This album was previously issued with a different title and artwork but containing the same tracks. It was released on the Everest label and later by Premier Records.

'Blue Rhythms'

Original release: December 1983: (Everest Records)

mono/stereo (EPC 1000) (205) 

Re-release: January 1985: (Premier Records)

mono/stereo (PPD 2001) (269)

Premier Records also released these songs as two single albums:

'Mess O' Blues - Vol. 1'

Original release: October 1987:

mono/stereo (PMP 1012) (289)

'Mess O' Blues - Vol. 2'

Original release: October 1987:

mono/stereo (PMP 1013) (290)

These albums were combined and released as a double album by Premier in 1988.

'Mess O' Blues - Volumes 1 & 2'

Original release: March 1988:

mono/stereo PPD 2000 (292)

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