Sleeve Variation 1 - Rear
Sleeve Variation 1 - Rear

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Sleeve Variation 1 - Front
Sleeve Variation 1 - Front

Gloss Sleeve Sticker Applied: 'My Happiness'

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Track Listing:

Side 1:
  1. My Happiness (Demo Recording)
  2. That's All Right
  3. Shake, Rattle And Roll/Flip, Flop And                  Fly (live)
  4. Heartbreak Hotel
  5. Blue Suede Shoes

  6. Ready Teddy (live)

  7. Don't Be Cruel (to a heart that's true)

  8. (Let me be your) Teddy Bear

  9. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!

10. Jailhouse Rock

11. Treat Me Nice (movie version)

Side 2:
  1. King Creole
  2. Trouble
  3. Fame And Fortune
  4. Return To Sender
  5. Always On My Mind

  6. An American Trilogy (live)

  7. If I Can Dream

  8. Unchained Melody (live)

  9. Memories


PL 82227

Released: August 1990:

mono/stereo (308)

This LP entered the UK charts on September 1, 1990 and peaked at no. 62.

Chart Run: (1 Week)

01/09/1990 - 62


My Happiness

(July 18, 1953: Memphis Recording Service, Memphis, Tennessee)

That's All Right

(July 5, 1954: Sun Studios, Memphis, Tennessee)

Shake, Rattle & Roll/Flip, Flop & Fly

(January 28, 1956: CBS Studios, New York)

Heartbreak Hotel

(January 10, 1956: RCA Studios, Nashville, Tennessee)

Blue Suede Shoes

(January 30, 1956: RCA Studio 1, New York)

Ready Teddy

(September 9, 1956: CBS Studios, Los Angeles, California)

Don't Be Cruel

(July 2, 1956: RCA Studios, New York)

Teddy Bear

(January 16, 1957: Paramount Sound Stage, Hollywood, California)

Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!

(January 12, 1957: Radio Recorders, Studio 1, Hollywood, California)

Jailhouse Rock

(April 30, 1957: Radio Recorders, Studio 1, Hollywood, California)

Treat Me Nice

(July 30, 1957: MGM Sound Stage, Hollywood, California)

King Creole

(January 15, 1958: Radio Recorders, Studio B, Hollywood, California)


(January 15, 1958: Radio Recorders, Studio B, Hollywood, California)

Fame and Fortune

(March 20/21, 1960: RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee)

Return To Sender

(March 27, 1962: Radio Recorders, Studio B, Hollywood, California)

Always On My Mind

(March 29/30, 1972: RCA Studio C, Hollywood, California)

An American Trilogy

(January 14, 1973: Honolulu International Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii)

If I Can Dream

(June 23, 1968: Western Recorders, Studio 1, Hollywood, California)

Unchained Melody

(June 21, 1977 (ES): Rushmore Plaza, Rapid City, South Dakota)


(June 24, 1968: Western Recorders, Studio 1, Hollywood, California)

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