Gold Records

Volume 5

Track Listing:

Side 1:
1. Suspicious Minds
2. Kentucky Rain
3. In The Ghetto
4. Clean Up Your Own Backyard
5. If I Can Dream

Side 2:
1. Burning Love
2. If You Talk In Your Sleep
3. For The Heart
4. Moody Blue
5. Way Down


PL 84941

German Black Label RCA Logo

Released: January 1985:

stereo (261)

Recording Information:

Suspicious Minds

(January 23, 1969: American Sound Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

Kentucky Rain

(February 19, 1969: American Sound Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

In the Ghetto

(January 20, 1969: American Sound Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

Clean Up Your Own Back Yard

(October 23/24, 1968: United Recorders, Hollywood, California)

If I Can Dream

(June 23, 1968: Western Recorders, Studio 1, Hollywood, California)

Burning Love

(March 28/29, 1972: RCA Studio C, Hollywood, California)

If You Talk in Your Sleep

(December 11/12, 1973: Stax Studio, Memphis, Tennessee)

For the Heart

(February 5/6, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

Moody Blue

(February 4/5, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

Way Down

(October 29/30, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

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