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Track Listing:

Side 1:
1. Unchained Melody
2. If You Love Me (let me know)
3. Little Darlin'
4. He'll Have To Go
5. Let Me Be There

Side 2:
1. Way Down
2. Pledging My Love
3. Moody Blue
4. She Thinks I Still Care
5. It's Easy For You


RCALP 3021

Released: September 1981:

stereo (178)

Original release: August 1977:

stereo (PL 12428) (93)

RCA used this opportunity to get rid of some surplus stock of the original 'Moody Blue'

(PL 12428) that was released back in August 1977. Copies of the 'PL' sleeve, containing the original album, had a sticker applied to the rear of the cover changing it to the 'RCALP' catalogue.

RCA did not release a proper 'RCALP' sleeve and album.

Recording Information:

Unchained Melody

(April 24, 1977 (ES): Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

If You Love Me

(April 26, 1977 (ES): Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Little Darlin'

(April 24, 1977 (ES): Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

He'll Have to Go

(October 31, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

Let Me Be There

(March 20, 1974 (ES): Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee)

Way Down

(October 29/30, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

Pledging My Love

(October 29/30, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

Moody Blue

(February 4/5, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

She Thinks I Still Care

(February 2/3, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

It's Easy for You

(October 29/30, 1976: Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee)

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